Charm your customer with a sandpainting game “Made in Italy” they’re sure to love!

Sabbiarelli® is perfect to help your business grow with a children's product that’s fun, creative and sustainable.

When you want to give customers something new, you might find yourself hampered by products that have very little personality, offer poor prospects, and improvised or no marketing at all. In these cases there’s a high risk of making a bad investment, but thanks to your experience in the sector, you’ll immediately know when a game has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, and has everything it takes to be a great success, right?

Today, this chance to break into the children's games’ market is a great opportunity to boost your business by distributing a successful product.

Sabbiarelli®, the Italian brand that’s been producing creative sandpainting games since 2012, gives you the chance to establish a new partnership, and impress your customers with "the best creative game" of 2019 (according to sector-specific magazines).

Sabbiarelli® is a huge success in Italy, and the brand aims to make its mark in Europe too.

Make the most of this opportunity, now.

Sabbiarelli® can boost your business now! Become a partner retailer

L’entreprise italienne sélectionne actuellement des partenaires commerciaux afin de distribuer les kits spéciaux de peinture matérique en Allemagne et en France, c’est donc le moment d’approfondir et d’instaurer dès à présent un partenariat.

The Italian company is selecting business partners to distribute its special painting kits all around Europe, so the time is right to look into starting a partnership

But what makes this line of products a winner? It’s simple! Sabbiarelli® offers everything 3 to 12 year olds could wish for in a creative game. Sabbiarelli®, in fact, is:

a fun, creative and multisensorial game

sustainable as the sand is made of recycled Carrara marble

non-toxic if swallowed or inhaled, it’s coloured with natural pigments;
naturally glistening with a “plastic-free” glitter effect

educational as it helps children learn to hold writing implements properly

modular and rich in complementary accessories to add and replace (e.g. refills and interesting new albums)

100% Made in Italy

safe and compliant with the European (CE) standards for toys

winner of many awards and promoted by magazines (sector-specific and other); 
hundreds of positive reviews

The reviews speak for themselves:

everyone loves Sabbiarelli®!









Today more than ever, consumers are looking for interesting activities their children can have fun with. Creative games are important allies as parents can be sure their children enjoy healthy pastimes in the safety of their own home.

What’s more, with Sabbiarelli® you can organise recreational events for small groups giving each participant their own personal kit. The Italian brand has left nothing to chance in terms of safety and play potential in shop demos. 

We chose your company as we’re sure you’re a perfect match for our project.

The time is right!

Make the most of the advantages we’re offering:

Offer a quality, certified, successful creative game, Made in Italy.

Increase your profit margins by distributing a successful line of products.

New ideas for demos to pique your customers’ interest and create new business

You can use the parent company’s marketing support.

Numerous video tutorials to show your customers the potential of Sabbiarelli®.


Start a self-sustaining business thanks to the modularity of the products.

Expand your business without having to do any marketing at all

With Sabbiarelli® you get concrete support from the manufacturer, also in terms of marketing.

Ferrari Granulati, the game's Italian manufacturer, is constantly working to help stores sell Sabbiarelli® through year-round advertising campaigns on social networks, and company support for retailers in geo-localised campaigns.

Sabbiarelli® is the only brand that offers articles for a sandpainting game ranging from full Kits to refills (pens and albums), providing retailers with display stand options for the point of sale to promote the brand's wide range of products.

The Italian brand guarantees immediate availability so you and your customers can restock.

Children all over the world can create their very own work of art!

Become a Sabbiarelli® partner retailer, now.

How does Sabbiarelli® work?

Sabbiarelli® is more than just a creative game, it gives children from 3 to 12 a complete range of instruments for a wide range of multisensorial and learning experiences.

It's so easy to fall in love with these kits with various solutions for children of different ages, they soon become the focus of attention; sparkling colours to enchant the eye, a grainy texture that’s a pleasure to touch.

As simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

Peel off the protective film

Apply sand with the pen

Use your finger to stick the sand to the album

Save any sand you haven’t used

Voilà! A work of art!

Great satisfaction for young and old, the glittering result is always a pleasure to behold.


Reviews from our partners:

  • Liliana Cavalli, "Il Seme" book store, Galleria Gorni, 54 - 26041 Casalmaggiore (Cr) Italy: “I like everything about Sabbiarelli®, in particular the mandalas as I’ve seen monks creating them, so I love the idea that anyone of any age can do the same.”
  • Marianna and Claudia Tedeschi, Bottega delle Storie, Via Carlo Caneva 52 – 00159 Rome, Italy: “Our favourite Sabbiarelli® kit is the one with 12 colours: we like this one best as it’s a really complete product.”
  • Paolo Barbieri, La Favola bookshop and stationer's, Via Risorgimento 207, 25049 Clusane d'Iseo (BS) Italy: “Our customers really appreciate being able to buy refills. Another great feature is the wide selection of designs.”
  • Isanna Bazzo, Elioflex, via S.Urbano 69- 31010 Pianzano di Godega s.u. (TV) Italy. "Our favourite Sabbiarelli® products are the kits. They’re very practical to sell, and the customers come back for refills."
  • Gianluca Battisti, Giralibri, Via G. Matteotti 38C - 44011 - Argenta (FE) Italy. "The six pen Sabbiarelli® kit is a complete product that introduces you to the Sabbiarelli® experience in a fun way, and now there are various themes to choose from."
  • Viviana Montalto, Doralice bookshop, Via Consolare Pompea 429/431, Messina, Italy. “I love everything about Sabbiarelli®, the kids are always enthusiastic and satisfied and I think it’s great for their self-esteem. Normally, during creative workshops, people ask me if they’re doing well, but with Sabbiarelli® it's more "look how well that turned out", "look what I just did", "it’s brilliant".... and comments like that."
  • Mr De Megni, Giocare, Galleria Pellicciai 3, 37121, Verona, Italy. "All the Sabbiarelli® games are great: it’s an interesting product that stimulates a child's imagination and tactile skills."
  • Laura and Michele of Sogni & Bisogni, Via Venezia, 21/B 38066 Riva del Garda (TN) Italy: "Our favourite Sabbiarelli® product is the Christmas Kit to decorate the tree because we love Christmas, and the idea that kids can decorate the house and the tree with their own two hands!"
  • Francesca and Roberta of the Eco di Fata children’s bookshop, Via Michelangelo Tamburini, 10 00154 Rome, Italy. "There’s no one particular product we like best. We’re enthusiastic about the whole project; it’s stimulating and encouraging for children of any age."
  • Marzia Bottecchia, La trottola bookshop and stationer's, via A. De Gasperi 35 31020 San Vendemiano (TV) Italy. "Our favourite Sabbiarelli® product is the complete Kit because it’s a great way to start, but we also really appreciate the continuity in the designs."
  • Giampietro of La tana del libro, Via Resia 10/C, 39100, Bolzano, Italy. "We really like the idea of this product, the expandability and continuity of it. Buying the kit is just the first step; there are refills, pens, replacements and new cards to make it a more interesting proposal in terms of continuity, and kids really get into it."
  • Cristina Guastella, Nasinsù Bookshop, piazza XVI XVII maggio, 38 - 97100 Ragusa, Italy “Sabbiarelli® basket is a good combination with the albums, because they give people more colouring options to choose from.”

Reviews from the younger generation of customers

  • Beatrice, 9 years old. “I like it because it glitters and I can create a lot of colourful drawings!”
  • Celeste, 10 years old. "I really like the Sabbiarelli® colours. I use Sabbiarelli® a lot. I like it because I can create something in any colour, and mix them too, there are always new patterns. The sand is nice and soft, it's fun to touch and it glitters too."
  • Nera, 8 years old. "They’re nice to touch. I like to touch the sand; it’s soft and light."
  • Sofia, 8 years old. "I like the coloured sand; that you can colour with it. There's this pattern, you peel back the film like a sticker and apply coloured sand, spread it on, to colour the pattern."
  • Alba, 10 years old. "I like that fact the colours are really bright, and the face of “Sabbi” the mascot on the spellicolino, the film-peeling tool. The colours are lovely, they’re wonderfully bright and sparkly!"
  • Mattia, 9 years old. “[…] it’s something you can do anytime, anywhere you want”

Customer reviews


Laura Z. "A fantastic product that stimulates children's creativity and imagination."


Tiziana O. "Sabbiarelli® is a wonderful product to buy to keep the kids happy, a great pastime they always enjoy! It’s a Winner!"


Elena A. “A great product: I’ve already given someone Sabbiarelli® as a gift and it was a big success. I’m going to do the same again for someone of a different age. It’s such a versatile and educational game.”


Francesca F. “The game is fun and stimulating. My kids like it a lot. The company is really friendly and always ready to help.”


Laura A. “Simply wonderful. These Sabbiarelli® are brilliant! Bright colours, no waste, as any excess can be recovered using the cap as a funnel. I have two kids (aged 6 and 11) and they’re having the time of their lives with it. To tell the truth, I had a great time too, applying sand to the free postcard that came with the order. It's really rewarding. The result is very satisfying!!!"


Dajana A. “A very well made creative game. It’s exciting, and the youngster playing stays concentrated but relaxed too at the same time. And when they see the finished result... it’s pure joy. There’s a great assortment of albums to meet a variety of tastes. They’re so beautiful I’m seriously considering buying one of my own, as an adult."

Expert reviews

Bebicon – Paediatric neuropsychologists.

Sabbiarelli® are beautiful, but above all they’re a great way to introduce children to paper, colours and train precise motor skills: dosing strength, controlling grip, precision... The result is really rewarding!

Giacomo Spada – Speech therapist

Colouring with Sabbiarelli®, which implies the need to control the pressure exerted on the paper, is excellent visual-motor training. 

Silvia Ancordi – Pedagogist

They help develop eye-hand coordination. Dosing the sand [...] helps and refines movements used later for writing. As for perception [...] taking the same pattern and colouring it with different colours helps the child understand how perception can change. This gives the child the chance to learn the difference between warm and cool colours for example, and how our perception of space and depth can change. Colouring, also with sand, is great for stress-relief. It helps you slow down and listen to yourself, helps you focus on the present. The great thing about colouring a pre-shaped pattern made by others, is that you have to play and learn to use the right colour combination to get good results. This increases self-esteem.

Any questions? Sabbiarelli® is always happy to answer any questions you might have. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.



How can company marketing help my business?

The brand runs promotional campaigns using social networks to boost sales for overseas retailers. We use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The company also provides information and organises co-marketing promotional events with the retailer.


Do the kits run out if you don't buy refills?

Yes they do, and this is good for business, because once the coloured sand (and albums) have been used up, the customer can purchase refills and new albums from you, with a wide range to choose from. This makes your business modular, with many kits and refills to cater for every possible demand.


How is Sabbiarelli® sustainable?

The kits consist of coloured sand made from recycled Carrara marble, so the product isn’t created using newly-obtained raw materials, it’s recovered from extracted blocks of marble, which means considerable savings in terms of resources.

What’s more, the sand is coloured using natural, non-toxic pigments, without any pollutants, and the glitter is a natural feature of the material, without having to add any kind of artificial plastic.

We use compact, ecological (FSC certified) packaging to prevent waste.


Does the sand leave dirt and create more housework?

The tray provided with all the kits means the game can be played in a very clean way. It also encourages children to recover any excess sand, and makes it easy for them to put the sand back in the sand pen.


Can the sand scratch surfaces like floors?

Marble sand doesn’t damage delicate surfaces, as it’s softer than normal sand and crumbles before it can scratch.


Is Sabbiarelli® sold also in department stores and supermarkets?

It’s a niche product, so we decided to reserve it for small retail chains and specialised shops. The company guarantees customers won’t find kits or refills in supermarkets or department stores.

Do you know of any other sandpainting games?

Here’s what makes Sabbiarelli® special:



the pen-shaped dispenser makes things easier, cleaner and more educational for children.



the natural sand in Sabbiarelli® is completely non-toxic, natural and sustainable.



marble sand, a distinctive feature of Sabbiarelli®, produces an incomparable shine that really encourages children to play.


Vast range 

 Sabbiarelli® is available in kits for different ages and all tastes.



customers can buy sand refills and new albums.


100 % Made in Italy:

 Sabbiarelli® is designed, made and packed in Italy.


Tutorial video 

lots of ideas and step-by-step instructions to create splendid works of art.

About us

Sabbiarelli® is a brand created by Ferrari Granulati, an Italian company established in 1986.

Despite being one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the marble industry, in 2010 Ferrari Granulati was noticing the effects of the building sector crisis, so Alberto Ferrari and his wife Nadia Vallenari starting looking into possible alternative uses for their raw material: marble granulate. The result of this brainstorming was the sand painting game they called “Sabbiarelli®”.

In November 2011 a Sabbiarelli® prototype was presented to the public at the Milan games’ fair “G come Giocare”: it was the SABBIARELLI® HOME KIT, containing 12 coloured sand pens, 8 pre-cut patterns printed on adhesive sheets, a worktop tray and the “spellicolino”, a special tool for peeling off the film protecting the patterns. The game was a huge success with both the children and their parents.

In 2019 the new edition of the home kit, now called the MAXI KIT COLOR & SHINE, won the TG TOYS’ "BEST GAME MADE IN ITALY" award.

Certification and awards

  • CE EN71 marked – certified by IISG (Italian Toy Safety Institute).
  • Sustainable packaging with the FSC mark (Forest Stewardship Council).

This is your opportunity to learn about a company that offers something different. 

Take this opportunity to create new business for your company.

The brand offers its line of products on the international market to selected partners only. 

Become a Sabbiarelli® partner retailer today!

Want to know more? 

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